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From Mr. P for Absolute Fencing - KZN South Coast

Roboguard, on your side 24/7.

It seems that we are slipping slowly into a state of chaos!

War may be defined as the number of people lost over a given period.  South Africa’s statistics must be right up there, perhaps not as bad as the Middle East, but it is certainly not a picnic out there for most folk.

A mans home is his castle, as they say, so short of putting a moat around it, how it one best able to protect ones home and family?  We recommend you start by putting roboguards around your perimeter.  This will at least allow you to know when there is a threat and where it is coming from. Remember Tonto the Indian scout telling the Lone Ranger “injuns coming from the North ”?  Forewarned is forearmed!

Most people have already spent a lot of money in personal security. Unfortunately most of it only works when one has the opportunity to use it.  It is often tragically not in use when assailants surprise a family.

Roboguard is built and designed to do exactly this, it gives one time to lock the gate, push a panic button, open the gun safe etc.  A man with options is a man with power.  The more options a man has the more powerful he is!  Roboguard gives you these options and puts you firmly in control of your own destiny.

November 2012

We recently moved into a new home in which we installed the latest and greatest alarm system indoors including taking the armed response option, but what didn't occur to us at the time was an early warning intruder system for the external perimeter of our property. A few months after settling in to the new home and feeling relatively secure at last, we awoke in the early hours of a Sunday morning to commotion outside. I peered out the window and saw a couple of undesirables lining up all my garden furniture, Braai, hosepipes etc. at the front gate, ready for extraction. Another individual was testing out his lock picking skills on the front gate and door. They had obviously been on our property for the best part of an hour already!

In my half asleep state, I contemplated taking these scumbags on myself but then decided against it and pressed the panic button as I didn't want to risk the criminals getting inside the door before armed response arrived. The armed response team took over six minutes and the thieves managed to escape easily with their newly acquired loot. My wife and four year old son were completely traumatised by the whole ordeal and some two weeks later as things settled down again, early one morning the same crew returned for a repeat performance. If it wasn't for the dogs next door barking madly for half an hour we would have been none the wiser yet again. Clearly, an external Intruder system was needed.

I spoke to many people about tons of products on the market, half of whom couldn't be bothered to give me time of day. Most of the products were in my opinion, too expensive and many were not recommended for the intended environment I wished to use them in. I jumped on-line after talking to a friend and found a Roboguard supplier (Nigel Hamilton) in JHB. He kindly explained all I needed to know and got 3 Robo's shipped down to me within two days. The installation was painless, all that was needed on my part was to drill two mounting holes for each unit. The wireless units already came preconfigured but as I soon discovered, manual changes and configuration were simple to carry out yourself. I had all three installed and working within 45 minutes.

Another fact I appreciated was that at the time, with all the additional costs involved in moving homes, we didn't have extra cash just lying around. Nigel offered us the rent to buy option which we graciously accepted, without having to pay a deposit or for shipping costs to get the units to us. Immediate protection at a fraction of the cost, what more could you ask for! As an added bonus, Roboguards are produced locally and the spares available on demand.

The HQ unit allows you to monitor the Zones your Robo's guard with ease and within five weeks the same scoundrels returned, only to get away with nothing. We have had two further attempts since then that individuals have tried to access our property, they failed dismally every time. The Robo's are basically impossible to bypass and we are yet to have a false detection! Thanks to Roboguard, we sleep peacefully at night, its the best sleeping pill we ever invested in.

Thanks Roboguard.


B. Van Der Bank

Hi Pierre,

28th March 2006

Just to let you know the Roboguard products purchased from you in June 2005 are still working totally hassle-free. Thus far we have had no battery replacements, no lightening strikes, no malfunctions. What a pleasure! Beeper alerts warn us of passers-by on a daily basis (the system has been set to pick up even before the intruder reaches the palisade fencing). And during this time we have been struck by lightening twice. Last year 80% of our alarms were struck by lightening although protection was in place. The reason for this is because PIR's are all linked via wiring that leads to a control panel in the security office. Lightening loves to travel through this medium. This year our surveillance station and two cameras were struck. Truly frustrating! If you have any contacts ‘upstairs' able to re-direct lightening strikes we'd be most grateful to you. Rural locations will gladly be provided as alternative strike areas. Besides this, and to compound the problem even further, we have also been ‘blessed' by incompetent technicians.

Lightening in our area is a major headache and therefore the reason we are asking for help. We need to find out whether your company is able to develop a wireless alarm system based on the diagram attached. Please peruse the drawing and advise your thoughts. Of course our dilemma is to justify throwing away what we currently have in place so please see this as an ‘almost charitable' cause. Get it right, however, and I'm sure you will discover many others in a similar situation, your new market. If anything our insurers would be grateful to you. Failing this your thoughts on something ‘practical and simple' like the Roboguard units would suffice.

Thank you

Tony Cheia

JHB International Mini Storage (Pty) Ltd

East side of JHB International Airport

Pierre, you have virtually made me accepting the uncertainty of this country by the sale of your product Roboguard. It has become so important in my life, because I feel so protected by the item, that I had to name it as part of my family- "Valentin", the name I gave it, is looking after us 24 hours on 24 hours as discreetly as it can, other as loud as it has, depending of the issue.

In the four years that I have had my "Valentin" it has not needed any maintenance and there has been no need for new batteries. I can honestly say that without this product I would have definitely gone back to Mauritius.

As a single woman I would definitely not be one night without this product and would not hesitate to recommend it to anybody.

It made going to sleep with sweep dreams and waking up with the necessary energy to start a good day.

Monique/St George


This is just to thank you for your prompt attention to the recent repairs and upgrades and to

confirm that the system is functioning well.

There are 12 Robo-Guards operating at the offices and nearby stores area and they have been

in operation for almost two years with very little maintenance.

The loud audible alarm, which stands in the gate security office, allows the guards to respond

immediately to any intrusion.

Before the system was installed, there were quite a number of incidents but since the system

was put into operation, there has been a marked decrease.

The Robo-Guards are also linked to the management information system and allows a printout to

be made. This allows me to see whether the security guards did the required patrols.

Keep up the good work.



Hi Pierre.

This is just to say how happy I am with your Robo-Guards.

We have 12 at work and I was so impressed by their performance and low maintenance,

that I installed 2 at home. They are well worth the investment.

It is such a simple yet efficient system that I hope that many more people will get to know

of this excellent product.

I wish you much success for the future.

Yours faithfully

Reg Combrink

Dear Pierre,

After initial teething problems setting up our system in Hilton, we are delighted with

the effects it is having.Roboguard at the officeOver the last few months we have had our weldmesh perimeter fence cut on three

or four occasions. In each event we have detected the intruders via the Roboguards

and have chased them away without any losses (apart from having to repair the fence)

On previous occasions that we have had intruders our sleep has been seriously

disturbed for a while, after the event, as we subconsciously listened for any

signs of activity. With our "guards" now on duty we leave the worrying to them!!

The system has proved invaluable.

With thanks, Richard Batchelder

Dear Pierre

A Roboguard in the Yard Three years ago I had my Robo Guard System installed after a really bad, and violent, break-in in my home garages. At that time, the stuff they stole wasn't all that much, but the damage the bastards caused was costly, and not only in material terms. They crashed metal bars and railings, reinforced doors and huge locks!!

It wasn't just the money, damage or loss of property, but the fact that those guys were using crowbars and wrenches brutally to get into locked places while we slept on obliviously, that really frightened me. They were too close to the house for comfort! The cost to our peace of mind was far greater than the loss of bicycles and garden equipment and things stolen from our cars.

We already had - and still have - a home security system linked to an armed response operator, but I realised that it is vital for all of us in the house to be forewarned of intruders on the property, before they get closer and penetrate our home. That is what prompted me to look for something which would also take care of the perimeters outside the house itself. Then I came across your design.

And, so, we've come to rely heavily on our perennial "sentry" of the premises. When a house painter recently caused damage to the Robo-control and virtually put it out of action we were quite concerned. I think we'd become so reliant on that "eye and ear" in the garden that without it we felt pretty vulnerable. I was also worried that I'd have to get an entirely new system to replace the Robo, back-up service being what it is, generally in S.A.So, to cut a long story short, thanks for repairing the Robo in such record time.

Given, cynically, the lousy service South Africans experience daily, we'd expected to wait three or four weeks to get the Robo Guards back and operational. So imagine how delighted we are to have them all back and working for the family after only four days: Must be something of a record considering that we're in Jo'burg and you're in Durbs..

Thanks, again, Pierre. And thank you, too, for taking our concerns personally and not passing them onto a third party or junior member of staff.

With Much Appreciation and Thanks


Hi Peter.

Fantastic, thank you very much, great customer service !

By the way, we are very very happy with your system and it made all the difference for us. We are living quite isolated and it really gives us an increased feeling of security when the roboguards let us know any movement around our property. It is especially important as I have to leave my wife on her own during the day and when I am travelling, she never goes anywhere without the HQ.

Thank you again, we'll sure buy again once our extensions are built,

kind regards,

Dirk Juttemeier

Chart Sutton

Kent, UK