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Roboguard Systems

Roboguard Manufactures a range of products that an be used in many different applications. Some of the applications include :

  • Residential Early Warning System
    This is our most common application where roboguards are deployed along with our portable HQ or our receiver-keypad products. The roboguards provide the household with vital early warning when intruders are detected. Different Roboguard detectors can be used in different situations to protect houses or smaller areas such as patios.

  • Calling and Panic systems
    Roboguard products can be used to make effective wireless calling systems for frail or elderly people. Roboguard systems can easily add remote panic features to an existing security application.

  • Industrial Early Warning System
    This application is similar to the residential application described above except in an industrial or business environment.

  • Livestock Protection System
    Roboguards can be installed around livestock enclosures to detect the livestock escaping or the presence of intruders attempting to steal the livestock.

  • Intruder Response
    Roboguard sensors can be used to trigger intruder repelling systems such as tear-gas canisters, electronic scarecrows, recordings of barking dogs etc. Your imagination is your limitation here.

  • Security Enhancement Applications
    Roboguard products can be used to wirelessly (Read hassle-free) interconnect Roboguard products to your existing security system or, vica-versa, to interface existing security features (such as a fence alarm) into the Roboguard System.

  • Home Automation Applications
    Roboguard Products can be used to switch appliances on or off remotely or to trigger devices such as cameras as a result of intruder detection. Roboguard receivers and transmitters can be configured to open and close automated gates, garage doors etc. Our six-button remote is particularly useful in this regard.
    Roboguard products can be connected to GPS/GPRS-phone communicator modules to remotely monitor your security or remotely activate appliances and security products.

  • Other applications
    Roboguards can be used in many unique and varying applications. Contact us with your application and we will advise.