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The Repeater station is constructed from a Universal Transmitter and a Universal receiver wired together and configured correctly.

The Repeater will re-transmit all Roboguard signals except Remote code received by the receiver, after a user-programmed delay. Unfortunately at the moment a site is limited to 1 general repeater.

It is possible to configure a selective repeater using a URX or keypad-receiver for up to 4 Roboguards or 2 Remote buttons. In this case the number of repeaters and range is theoretically unlimited (this is not recommended for the DIY enthusiast).

The repeater is useful for sites where ther is a large distance between the roboguards and the HQ or where there is no direct line-of-site between the guards and their HQ.

The repeater will NOT work with non-Roboguard products unless they communicate via a universal transmitter.

The repeater requires a 12V source such a power supply or battery-solar panel and in the case of an outdoor installation, a waterproof housing (these itmes will have to be provided by the installer).